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Serving Fallen Heroes And Their Families With The Honor They Deserve


Our team of military and first responders are trained to provide the

highest level of tribute to our fallen members and their families. We

vow to serve them with the respect and honor they deserve.

FF. Raymond J. Pfeifer & PO. Scott R. Blackshaw

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Dedicated To The Memories Of Our Fallen Heroes

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Memorial caissons

Firefighter Memorial Transport

‚ÄčAll gave some, but some gave all!

We take pride in the service we provide. Our members uniquely

understand the level of excellence that this time in our life requires.

Our goal is to help bring pride and comfort to those who have lost.

Thank You to the Town of Old Tappan NJ and the Old Tappan Volunteer Fire Department for their generous contribution to this cause!

Founded by Frank Pizarro Retired FDNY

Official 501 c 3 Non-Profit Organization   phone 646.578.7273