This vehicle will be christened the Raymond J. Pfeifer Memorial Caisson.  In memory of FDNY Firefighter Raymond J. Pfeifer who spent his last days fighting for the benefits of first responders and the victims of 9/11. 




                                            Firefighters have been sacrificing their lives for the people the serve for over a century and when they fall to that sacrifice, they                                                should be honored to the highest degree possible.  Regardless of their financial status.  No price can be placed on honor and                                                  ultimate sacrifice.

                                            I am a retired FDNY 9/11 first responder from NYC.  My name is Frank Pizarro.  I was retired due to illnesses due to my service                                                on that day.  I have been traveling back and forth from the east to the west coast and realized that line of duty and retired                                                          members do not get the kind of sendoff when they pass away as they do throughout this great country of ours.  I decided that I                                                would help fire departments and the families of the fallen get the honor and ceremony they deserve.  I found this vehicle (courtesy of the city of Old Tappan NJ and the Old Tappan Volunteer Fire Department) and I am trying to construct a caisson out of this retired fire truck to carry the caskets of firefighters in their funeral processions. It needs to be purchased, retrofitted to be able to have a casket lift installed.  It also needs to be detailed, outfitted with the appropriate decals and insignia and shipped out to the west coast. The goal is to give a proper sendoff that is fitting of fallen firefighters both active and retired.  I served with honor and was a longstanding member of the ceremonial unit since that fateful day.  My prayer is to purchase the truck asap to ensure that this service can be provided free of charge to the families of the fallen members in the immediate future.  I hope that with your help I will be able to bring pride and honor to the fallen members and their families.  Thanks in advance for your generosity and for helping to honor the men and women that sacrifice their lives every day.

I had the honor of singing at Ray’s funeral and would love to continue honoring him by honoring the brothers and sisters that pass away and the families they leave behind.  I hope you will consider this request. Thank you.

Purchased from  
Old Tappan New Jersey
Volunteer Fire Department
Official 501 c 3 Non-Profit Organization   phone 646.578.7273
ABOUT THE FOUNDER - Retired FDNY Firefighter Frank Pizarro
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